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Terms & Conditions of Loan

The following terms and conditions are intended to benefit the user and to meet the requirements of our insurers. Please read them through and abide by them at all times. If you are unsure about any of the requirements please ask our staff to clarify them. Please note that the Trustees and Management of Evesham Riverside Shopmobility reserve the right to refuse or cancel membership of this Shopmobility scheme.

  1. Mobility equipment must be used with due care and attention in accordance with the Safety Guide.
  2. Mobility equipment must not be used to carry babies, children or animals Always consider pedestrians’ safety. Take special care when travelling around busy areas, manoeuvring in shops, going round corners and when reversing.
  3. Where possible, mobility equipment should only be used on pavements or in pedestrian areas.
  4. Care must be taken if food or drink has been consumed by you while on the mobility equipment. Do NOT smoke while using the equipment. The equipment must be returned to Shopmobility in the same good condition as you received it.
  5. Any damage caused to the mobility equipment during your use must be reported immediately to the Shopmobility staff.
  6. If you are involved in an accident/incident while using the equipment note the time and place, and any injury or damage. You must inform Shopmobility staff straight away. Where possible, obtain names and addresses of witnesses. Remember, you must take responsibility for the safe use of equipment in accordance with the safety guide overleaf.
  7. Mobility equipment must be returned to the Shopmobility unit by the agreed time.
  8. Customers must wear the lap strap provided on the powerchairs at all times.
  9. In the case of wheelchairs, user and carer must adhere to these terms and conditions.

User Notes - Safety Guide

All Shopmobility customers take responsibility for the safe and proper use of mobility equipment. The terms and conditions of loan, and the following guidelines, are here to make your visit to Evesham safe and pleasurable. Please remember shopping arcades and town centres can be crowded and consideration must be given at all times to other users of the centre.

  1. When using motorised equipment inside shops and stores or in busy or confined areas the speed MUST be turned down to the minimum.
  2. When using motorised equipment outside, turn the speed up to half, and no more, unless the way ahead is clear.
  3. Remember, pedestrians may stop suddenly, and you may not be able to stop as quickly, so reduce your speed and keep a safe distance.
  4. Always follow any special instructions from Shopmobility staff about safe use of the equipment.
  5. If you leave the mobility equipment unattended, always remove the key and take it with you, and try to leave the equipment where it will not inconvenience others.
  6. Always use dropped kerbs when crossing roads.
  7. Never carry shopping bags or other items on scooter handle bars, but use the baskets provided.
  8. When getting on and off the scooter or chair, always ensure the power is switched OFF.

Holiday Hire

Our holiday scooters are designed to fit into a car boot and will not perform like a normal scooter: they can only handle slight inclines, not hills and will not function on cobbles, stones, grass, sand or uneven surfaces. The weight of the user will affect the distance the scooter can travel. The scooter must be charged after every use and not unplugged until showing fully charged.

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