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<p>From the moment you enter Evesham you will find signs pointing the way to &#39;Riverside Shopmobility&#39;. We are situated on the Top Level of the Multi-Storey Car Park, in Bridge Street. After crossing Workman&#39;s Bridge over the River Avon, take the first turning on the left which leads to the Car Park.</p>

<p>Disabled parking spaces are on the Top Level, immediately in front of &#39;Shopmobility&#39; and adjacent to the Riverside Shopping Centre.&nbsp;&nbsp; Parking for holders of valid &#39;Blue Badges&#39; is no longer free-of-charge in the car park. Shopmobility members can enjoy three hours free parking, providing they enter their registration number on the easy-to-use console in our office. Members must remember to do this every time they park, otherwise they will liable for a fine.</p>

<p>If you arrive in Evesham by bus or train, and you have mobility problems, with two days notice we may be able to meet you with a scooter or wheelchair.</p>

<p>Remember to go slowly and be safe!</p>
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