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Our Sponsors</h2>
<strong><img alt="Thank you!" class="right" height="204" src="http://www.eveshamshopmobility.co.uk/public/images/thumbs_up.jpg" width="240" />We&#39;d like to say a big thank you to these people and organisations who have very kindly given us Donations &amp; Grants over the last 10 years</strong></p>
John Martin&#39;s Charity<br />
Eveson Trust<br />
Grassroots Foundation<br />
Rotary Club of Evesham<br />
Ex Mayor of Evesham Alan Booth<br />
Councillor Andy Dyke (past Chairman of Wychavon District Council)<br />
Central Stairlifts<br />
Rainbow Digital Media<br />
Evesham Hotel<br />
Best of Evesham<br />
Evesham Utd Football Club<br />
Evesham Town Council<br />
Evesham Journal<br />
Wychavon District Council</p>
We have received tremendous help and support from Members of Evesham Lions Club over the years, which is very much appreciated.</p>
Also some of our members have raised funds for us by doing sponsored walks and runs and holding coffee mornings and we have also received donations from members and people that have passed away.</p>
Your Support Is Needed!</h3>
Can you help us and our charity? We are looking for volunteers, donations and sponsors.</p>
We run a Christmas Draw, and raffles during the year &ndash; would you give us a prize, please?</p>
If you can help and would like to be involved with our organisation please call: 01386 49230</p>
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